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It’s not what we expected

One would think that we have all the answers and that we can anticipate what life will have in store for us. Well, think again. Today was an eye opener for many, and what I am about to share with you, are the stories and experiences of those who cared for those who came to […]

A Day to Remember

The abandoned clinic. A long day, a hiccup or two, and a few wins made this a day to remember. Far out into the bush was a small abandoned medical clinic, accessible only by a hole laden dirt road and a canyon left from the rainy season. By the time we got there, the crowd […]

Today’s Experience. Tomorrow’s Hope.

Today’s Experience “When all is said and done…” An hour and a half north of Nairobi is a school. A simple, unpretentious school, with students who are anxious to learn. And so we went. No fanfare, no expectations, no specific plan in mind other than to set up our clinic and to give freely of […]

Are you being present with others?

“Who are you?” He’s not sure. Shy, protected, uncertain. He looks at us wondering who we are and what we are doing. What is he here for I wonder? A cough, congestion, malnutrition, or fever? I can only guess until he is seen by one of the examiners. His look never changes, his eyes asking, […]

“Good works?” Not so fast.

Something happened. A slap of the hand, cold water thrown in my face, a shot across the bow and the realization that all that I have been doing needs a refocus. These things called “good works”, the things we do when we go on medical mission trips, are all “good”, and we are “blessed” to […]

In All Things, Give Thanks

In all things, give thanks.  She swept the dirt floor, moving dirt from dirt, the dust following. The one room house, no bigger than a normal sized bedroom, had two large bamboo mats laid side by side on the floor, bedding piled neatly on each. A small charcoal open pit was in the corner with […]

God’s Grace

Far outside our comfort zone Dust billowing behind the LandRover, obscured the two other LandRovers behind it. We have been driving for over an hour through the bush, not on a road, and by dead reckoning. The pastor who was hosting us, had been living in this area for over ten years, building small churches […]

The Power of the Human Touch

He was a Masai Warrior Somewhere in the distance, the sun rose on the barren desert of midland Kenya. He had been walking for some time now, starting early in the hours before dawn, since he wanted to go as far as he could before the heat took charge. Tall, without angles to his legs […]

The Things That We See

The things we see sometimes don’t make sense. She was about 4 years old, significantly malnourished and dressed in a white dress as if she was ready to go to church. A white dress. For a significantly malnourished little girl, living in the bush and the daughter of a Turkana warrior. How so you ask? […]

Covenant Medicine Outreach

One never knows what the next day brings. We open our eyes as the sun rises, yawn and wait for the day to begin. Whether we like it or not. And that is just what is going to happen come January 1st, 2017. Covenant Medicine Outreach will be born, transitioning from Medical Mercy, to a […]