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One More Important Stop, Kenya 2020

Kenya 2020 Day 5 We finished the week again with home visits and a trip to the school for special needs children. The teams saw several older patients that had heart issues and will need medication and follow up. Pray for James We were also able to follow up with James from a few years […]

Last Day of Clinic, Kenya 2020

We had a very productive day. Saw a lot of adults today and had a woman that we think was septic and went to the hospital and a baby with bronchiolitis who also went to the hospital. Caring for others Today I was struck by how much care a group of people can give when […]

Kenya, Day 3, 2020 – Smiles and Strength at the Orphanage

The Orphanage We spent the day at a school/orphanage that hosted clinic for 2 days. It was established by a widowed mother that desired to help other women is similar situations and children without families. A Plan For Care One of the students we met last year. They have a degenerative neurologic disease and have […]

Kenya, Day 2, 2020 – A Lovely Day

It was a lovely day. We clicked as a team and were able to accomplish a lot. The need for medical care was readily apparent again. Prayers for Peace James, a young man with a brain lesion who we have know for several years, was in clinic again. He recently had a brain biopsy and […]

Kenya, Day 1 2020 – A Land of Contradictions

Africa – A Land of Contradictions Africa is a wonderful place full of contradictions. Lush beautiful landscape but not enough food for some. Sweet hospitable hearts but such a lack for care for those Same hearts. Today was about those contradictions. We come hoping We come hoping to help but sometimes it feels like we […]

Kudvumisa Clinic – Day 3 Eswatini

  We were in the Kudvumisa Clinic today which is lovely and very practical. We ended up having a very busy day with a lot of different illnesses. We also were able to see some kids from a children’s home for orphans. It was started several years back and have raised 8 children. They came […]

Eswatini Day 2

Today was another good day. We saw about 180 patients. What I learned today I learned 2 people on the team know sign language.  I learned this because we had a wonderful patient with a great smile. She had 4 children her husband had died and she has HIV and TB. And to top it […]

One Week After Returning Home

I have a lot of thoughts about Kenya this past week.  The people we met and the promises we made.  The things God showed us and the ways He answered prayer.   I thought you would be interested to hear some of the ways God worked. First, due to some generous donations we were able to […]

Day 4 – The Last Day of Clinic

Today was the last day of clinic for our 2019 Kenya medical mission trip. Today we saw some wonderful elder community members.  One particular woman was bent in half at the hips and using a cane to walk. After Dr. David examines her he found a large amount of water on her knee. She also […]