One More Important Stop, Kenya 2020

Kenya 2020 Day 5

We finished the week again with home visits and a trip to the school for special needs children. The teams saw several older patients that had heart issues and will need medication and follow up.

Pray for James

We were also able to follow up with James from a few years ago who has a brain tumor of some sort. He recently had a brain biopsy and is waiting for results. It has been hard waiting for the results and not knowing if he will be able to work and support his family in the future. Please continue to pray for him for peace and provision.

Pray for this lively woman

I was able to go to the home with a 98 year old woman who has rheumatoid arthritis. She was lively. Spunky and funny she was telling us how to clean he wounds and wrap her joints. I hope I have half her energy at her age.

Pray for all the youth

The cheerful special home once again welcomed us with open arms. We saw several of the youth and were able to spend time playing. It was gratifying to see the water project that several of you donated to in full function.


Again it was a day to recount God’s faithfulness. Thanks for following along during the week.


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