Today’s Experience. Tomorrow’s Hope.

Today’s Experience

“When all is said and done…”

An hour and a half north of Nairobi is a school. A simple, unpretentious school, with students who are anxious to learn. And so we went. No fanfare, no expectations, no specific plan in mind other than to set up our clinic and to give freely of our talents and gifts as a medical missions team. A remote environment of poverty and want.

So what does that mean, and why does it matter? Simply put, for once there is some medical care being offered, received and graciously thanked for. The experience is genuine on both sides of the examination table. Questions asked, answers given, physical exams done, diagnosis made, medications prescribed. And prayer. Openly offered and openly received. The whole enchilada, the whole ball of wax, the full program. That can’t be all bad can it? Well, wait for it.

Tomorrow’s Hope

Remembering that it is not what we bring but what we leave behind, we look at the results of our efforts at the end of the day. It is not how many patients we saw, how many thanked us, nor how many were touched by our presence. It is more about the hope given for a chance to live another day, a chance to grow another year, and a chance for a child to reach their maximal potential in life. Just like this little girl that you see. Small in stature, and looking for love. The “bad” part is that without sustainable care, this would be a one time event, a one time booster of healthcare, a one time intervention of a disease.

Our Commitment

So, here is our commitment. We are working with local doctors, healthcare workers and the ministry of heath so that there will be continued care. We have an electronic record on every patient we see so that we can have follow up care. We will be back next year, and the year after next, and the year after that.

It’s not what we bring but what we leave behind.

In all things give thanks,



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