Day 1 – The Calm & The Storm

Day 1 was great.  It started off calm which then brought some storms.

Thankfully we got the clinic set up and running and had a relatively calm morning. We had some new examiners so we were having them settle in.

But after lunch the rains and the issues started. We have quite a bit of rain that actually blew the tent proving shelter for the crowd off the supports but no one was hurt thankfully.

We also had two patients that really left an impact on us.

The first one was a younger and in his 30s who was diagnosed with a brain tumor that has spread and there are not any options left him medically. We weren’t able to do much with medicine but we were able to get him connected with the church and our Nurse Nancy.

The second one on the other hand we had a young man in his 20s who had a seizure disorder and had run out of seizure medications. he has a seizure in clinic and we were able to help him and get him to a hospital to be stabilized. In both cases the important thing wasn’t the medicine we had but was about being with the patient and helping support them within the systems available.

Eventually the storm blew over and we were able to get back to normal flow but we will remember these two men and how God brought us to each other at the right time.

Please pray for these men. The team is great; working hard and loving on patients. Keep us in your prayers also.

Written by Dr.  Lara Yoblonski as she shares her stories from Kenya.

Photo of Nicole Simpson, Volunteer Team.