Micah 6:8

Day 2 – Micah 6:8

Our week verse is Micah 6:8.

Pastor Gregg is taking us through it and ended our devotion with a statement by Rabbis. The point of it was yes there is suffering.

We have not been called to fix all of it but we have been called to work on some. Work in justice, be merciful and be humble and get to work. I think that sums up these trips well.

We can’t fix much of what we see; the seizures will still continue, the arthritis isn’t going away and the special needs child will still need extra services. What we are called to do is to enter into these need and address what we can. The nurse we have will follow up on what she can, the church will support how they can and the rest we leave with God.

He has reminded me several times on the trip that he cares for the birds so how much more for his children. Please pray for a young man names Samuel. He had meningitis at 6 months old and since then has had brain damage. He has learning problems and his family has found a boarding school that can help but they cannot afford the full tuition.

Please pray that God will provide for this young man and his family in all ways.

In all things give thanks.

Written by Dr.  Lara Yoblonski as she shares her stories from Kenya.


Micah 6:8