the line to get care

Day 4 in Swaziland

Dr. Lara Yoblonski shares her stories.

Day 4 – Swaziland Clinic.

I am thankful that he allowed me to be a part of this story.

It is sometimes hard to believe in miracles living in our fact based society but today I was able to witness one.

The last time I was in Swaziland in 2012 I went in a home visit for a young girl who had Tuberculosis of the spine. Due to this she was paralyzed from the waist down. We were going to try and set up assistive devices for her. I did a very thorough physical exam to detail her physical deficits. Her exam was clear no function in the legs.

Today she walked up to clinic completely fine. She had come to say hi to a nurse that had been visiting her when she was sick. We asked her about what had happened she said they had prayed and she was able to start walking.

By nature I am a skeptic and if I had not seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. What are the chances that I would see the same girl in a foreign country at a random clinic?

Our God is a powerful God and sometime it is his plan to heal.

the line to get care