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Day 3 in Swaziland

Dr. Lara Yoblonski shares her stories.

Day 3 – Swaziland Clinic.

Another great day!

We moved to a new area and weren’t sure what to expect. God didn’t disappoint. We started slow but then saw an increase in the number of patients throughout the day.

A young lady came into the area for prayer and started crying. A rock fell and hit her hand and she was in a lot of pain. We saw her and her hand appeared broken. We were able to give her a cold pack, ACE wrap and done Ibuprofen. But she was going to need more definitive care.

The Swazi team and our host Teresa Reheymer of Kudvumisa Foundation started piecing together a plan to get this child from where she was, back to her home (an hour away) where her mother was, set up a way for them to get to the hospital for care and find a way to finance it.

The saying it takes a village was never more true. It took multiple people from different disciplines and cultures to get this poor young lady the care that we can get down the street. We saw her later in the day when she came back for a ride and the little we were able to do for her pain was helping and she was smiling. That made it all worth it.

Day 4

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