Dr. helping child

First Day of Swazi Clinic

Dr. Lara Yoblonski shares her stories.

Day 1 – Swaziland Clinic.

We were all nervous and anticipating what we would encounter. We saw many lovely patients but one especially hit me.

A young first time mother with an 8 month old baby that had multiple medical issues after being born premature, one of which was uncontrolled seizures. She was having up to 10 a day. They were trying some new medications but the mother was not able to afford them. The baby was developmentally delayed and needed physical therapy but again there were no funds. The mother was worried,  even scared for her child. She wanted the best for her child but life was stopping her.

We arranged some things to temporarily help with medications and taught mom some physical therapy exercises. Mostly we were able to let her know we care and to pray for her to have hope and perseverance in doing the best for her baby. Hopefully this provided some comfort and decreased the stress for this sweet young mother.

Please pray for her if she crosses your mind.

Onward to the next clinic and who and what God has for us.

Dr. helping child