Swazi Clinic

Swaziland Medical Mission, Day 2

Dr. Lara Yoblonski shares her stories.

Day 2 – Swaziland Clinic.

You know how you pray that God will give you strength for the day but don’t really think you will need it?

We arrived at clinic today and had a lovely morning that was steady but slower the day before.  At about 2:15 there was an abrupt change.  School had let out and we advertised that we were a clinic for children. As they say if you build it they will come, and come they did.  A hoard of children came over the top of the hill and the team shifted into overdrive.

Even with the large numbers, the amazing thing was how the team still managed to make the children feel loved and special.  I saw an asthma flare treated with tenderness.  A high blood pressure discovered and referred with care and deworming pills and vitamins gently administered.

We ended up seeing over 300 patients and were able to triage about 100 more.  Many things we couldn’t change for these sweet young ones but we were able to give them some care and love.

This was only possible through the strength God gave us.

Please pray for those children in Swazi living in poverty and need.

Pray that God be their strength and shield.

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Swazi Clinic