Kenya 2018 – Home Away from Home

Dr. Lara Yoblonski shares her stories from Kenya.

Pastor Gregg has been sharing from Romans this week.  One part of the passage mentions honoring others more then yourself and showing hospitality.  The Kenyans we are working with have taught me a lot about this.


Opening their home

One of the staff at the hotel we are at noticed a member of our team was only wearing a light jacket and it is cold in the morning.  Because she was worried about her being cold she brought in a blanket for her to use while she was in Kenya.

We have been also been told by our hosts and national team that we have a home in Kenya.  While I know this could be a nicety I have no doubt my brothers and sisters in Christ here would take me and help whatever the issue.  How sweet it is to be part of a group of believers that care for each other across nationalities and borders.

God has truly knit us into a world wide family.  We come to do something we love and I’m turn become part of a family.   For me it is a glimpse of heaven.

– Lara