Kenya 2018 – Cheerful Special Home

Dr. Lara Yoblonski shares her stories from Kenya.

Cheerful Special Home

Today was a bit different. Instead of doing clinic we went on home visits to provide medical care and food. In the afternoon we went to a school/orphanage for special needs children.

The school struck a special chord with me because I’m a Pediatrician. I know how hard it can be to care for children with developmental delays and special educational needs.

The woman who runs the school is amazing. She and a few others care for 20 children. These children are incredibly well cared for and were very happy. The school runs on faith. They often don’t know where food is coming from or how the bills will be paid. We were able to examine the kids and leave some medicines with them. Part of the team played with the kids and several team members had some gifts for the children as well.

What a privilege to meet these people of faith and to be able to provide basic care for these special children. If you are interested in learning more about the school here is their Facebook Page.

– Lara

Photo Credit: Cheerful Special Home, Facebook Page