Kenya, Day 1 2020 – A Land of Contradictions

Africa – A Land of Contradictions

Africa is a wonderful place full of contradictions. Lush beautiful landscape but not enough food for some. Sweet hospitable hearts but such a lack for care for those Same hearts. Today was about those contradictions.

We come hoping

We come hoping to help but sometimes it feels like we are placing a band aid on a much larger problem.

  • A man in his 30s who has vision problems from a car accident who can’t get glasses due to lack of funds.
  • A man with a low oxygen level and a heart rhythm disturbance that we can’t do anything for except get him to the hospital.
  • On the other hand we saw a lovely young lady with a spine disease that prevents her from walking and her mother only came for a rash treatment. Her mom has been able to get her in a school for special needs children and has managed to meet all her medical needs.

It is hard knowing which is the one to focus on. So for the former we will pray for provision and the latter we will give thanks.

We are thankful

The day went well and for this we were thankful also. Please keep us in your prayers and pray for this community that God will show himself to them and provide for their needs.

We will continue to try being present while present with those God brings our way.

Dr. Lara Yoblonski

Kenya, Africa