Day 2 Kenya 2020

Kenya, Day 2, 2020 – A Lovely Day

It was a lovely day. We clicked as a team and were able to accomplish a lot. The need for medical care was readily apparent again.

Prayers for Peace

James, a young man with a brain lesion who we have know for several years, was in clinic again. He recently had a brain biopsy and has a complication from the IV. Trying to arrange care here is just as difficult if not more so then in the US. We are praying for good biopsy results and healing but it has been a long road for him. Please pray for peace for him.

We also saw a man today who has an untreated fully displaced arm fracture. It happened 6 months ago and he has lived with it since then. We are going to work with some of the local supporting doctors to try to find someone to see him. Please pray for direction for him and us.

Prayers for Wisdom and Strength

As always the need is overwhelming but the people we are interacting with are wonderful and so hospitable. Please pray for wisdom and strength for us as we meet these lovely people God has for us.

Dr. Lara Yoblonski

Kenya, Africa

Day 2 Kenya 2020