One Week After Returning Home

I have a lot of thoughts about Kenya this past week.  The people we met and the promises we made.  The things God showed us and the ways He answered prayer.   I thought you would be interested to hear some of the ways God worked.

First, due to some generous donations we were able to provide the Cheerful Special Home with new water pipes and new beds. We were also able to connect the home with some physicians and social workers in Kenya that should be able to help them get increased services and medical care for the youth that live there.

Second,  some of you may remember I mentioned in a blog about a special needs child whose family needed help with school tuition to provide him with the care he needs.  Another kind family has stepped up to fulfill this need.

Third, the baby who came and was having seizures in clinic one day is still in the hospital but is doing well.  They will have the support of the Kenyan physician who worked with us and Nancy our wonderful follow up nurse.  Kay West and Nancy were able to visit the mother and baby in the hospital and prayed with them.

The gentleman with elephantiasis was admitted to the hospital and is being cared for.

God was so faithful in meeting the needs we saw.  I know there are so many more that we didn’t know about that He will continue to meet.

Please continue to pray for the people of Kenya especially those we were able to interact with.  Please also pray for the Kenyan church through Summit Ministry who will be reaching out to those they met and offering support and community.

It is a wonderful thing to see how God uses his church across the world.  Thank you for being a part of it.

– Written by Dr.  Lara Yoblonski as she shares her stories from Kenya.