final day

Day 4 – The Last Day of Clinic

Today was the last day of clinic for our 2019 Kenya medical mission trip.
Today we saw some wonderful elder community members.  One particular woman was bent in half at the hips and using a cane to walk. After Dr. David examines her he found a large amount of water on her knee. She also had significant hip pain on the same side from the way she had been walking.
Dr. David was able to drain the fluid and give her significant pain and ambulation relief. She was so happy as soon as she was helped off the table she smiled and said thank you with a huge smile.
We aren’t able to fix everything for these sweet people but sometimes we can make it a little better.
I have had several people on the team tell me how much the Kenyans have thanked them. It is such a pleasure to be here.
Written by Dr.  Lara Yoblonski as she shares her stories from Kenya.
final day