Day 3 – God Uses Our Team to Minister Across the World

This is my first trip with CMO and it is an experience that can scarcely be described. I’m going to try, with just one example of the kind of ways God uses the team to minister across the world.

Today began with a mother at the front of the line who said her baby was sick. Mothers in this area wrap their babies in layers and layers of warm clothes, so when the doctors started peeling back the blankets they expected to find a normal baby. Buried inside the wrappings was a premature baby who, at five months old, probably still only weighed about three pounds. It was malnourished, and clinging to life.

The baby started having a seizure and our doctors jumped to help, while trying to get the story of the baby’s history from the overwhelmed mother.

The team quickly found a driver to take them to the local hospital. En route they were met on the road by a local pediatrician who is working with the team this week. He realized the baby had been sent from the team and seeing that it was still seizing he got them to a closer hospital so it could be stabilized. Once there they were able to revive the baby and send it to a larger hospital to be admitted.

We don’t know what will happen with this small, very sick child, but God does. And God knew we needed to be here in Kenya, in that village, on this very day, at that hour. He knew it a year ago when this trip started being planned. It’s a reminder that He knows our every need, long before we ask.

Please be in prayer for this mother and very small, very precious child. And for the team as we continue to work on whatever God brings our way.

Giving thanks in all things.

– Karen, Volunteer Team Member, Kenya 2019