girls at orphanage

Kenya, Day 3, 2020 – Smiles and Strength at the Orphanage

The Orphanage

We spent the day at a school/orphanage that hosted clinic for 2 days. It was established by a widowed mother that desired to help other women is similar situations and children without families.

A Plan For Care

One of the students we met last year. They have a degenerative neurologic disease and have lost the use of their legs from it. We were able to see this child with their mother this year and come up with a plan to approach their care.

Smiles and Strength

Everyone that interacted with them was blown away by their smiles and strength. We feel grateful to be able to be a small part of these types of stories and it makes us grateful for the shower of riches we have in the US when it comes to healthcare. Thank you for praying for us and please pray for the mother and child.
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